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Arte Italica Bella Bianca Beaded Mug
Arte Italica Vetro Gold Charger
Gien Evol Blanc Cereal Bowl
Gien Evol Blanc Dinner Plate
Gien Evol Blanc Mug
Gien Filet Blue Soup Plate
Gien Filet Noel Dessert Plate
Gien Filet Noel Mug
Gien Filet Taupe Euro Dinner Plate
Gien Filet Taupe XL Cereal Bowl
Gien Filet Vert Canape
Gien Filet Vert Rim Soup
Gien Filet Vert XL Cereal Bowl
Gien Filets Bleu Cereal Bowl
Gien Filets Bleu Dessert Plate
Gien Filets Bleu Dinner Plate
Gien Filets Bleu Mug
Gien Filets Taupe Cereal Bowl
Gien Filets Taupe Dessert Plate
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